do not interact criteria

I keep seeing so many awful "basic DNI" carrds with awful takes so I made my own. This is the one; The Definitive Edition of DNI carrds, at least for normal people (if you can call people who use DNIs normal in the first place!)

criteria i - the basics

Some of this stuff will seem rather obvious, but y'know, better safe than sorry, yeah?

  • Racist, colorist, or bigoted in any form, such as, but not limited to:
    Anti-Ukraine or pro-Russia
    Anti-Palestine, pro-Israel or a Zionist
    Anti-racial equality movements such as Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Stop Asian Hate
    Pro All Lives Matter (ALM) and subdivisions/related ideologies, such as Blue Lives Matter and Thin Blue Line

  • Anti-LGBTQIA+ in any form, such as, but not limited to:
    Non-binary skeptic
    Truscum or transmed, or believe you need gender dysphoria to identify as trans*
    Believe in the "gendered brain"

  • ...Or hold political beliefs associated with these things, such as being a right-winger, Republican, pro-Trump, or a (neo-)Nazi.

criteria ii - extended

This is where we get into the esoteric stuff.

  • Anti-LGBTQIA+ in any form, such as:
    Anti-neopronouns, nounself, or emojiself pronouns
    Anti any good-faith identities, such as m-spec gays and lesbians, lesboys and turigirls, chronosians, or are anti-using the Split Attraction Model (SAM) for identities outside of a-spec
    Identify as an exclusionist, or are anti-radical inclusionism; Anti-radqueers usually get to stay, but may be a case by case basis, as are pro-radqueers

  • Ableist in any form, such as:
    Demonizing those with mental illness or personality disorders, such as Antisocial Personality disorder, Narcissistic personality disorder, Schizo-spec disorders, and more, or, more broadly, cluster A, B, and C personality disorders

  • Anti-endogenic, created, tulpas/thoughtforms, spontaneous, etc. or non-traumagenic and disordered systems and plurals,

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this is too long!

Skipped to the end and need this list summarized? Lists not doing it for you? Here's the DNI criteria in two different forms, one in essay format and one with no filler/explanation text.

do not interact criteria
essay format

TBA... Check back later!

do not interact criteria
no filler

  • Racist, colorist, bigoted:
    Xenophobic, Sinophobic, Islamophobic, Antisemitic, Orientalist, Anti-Ukraine, pro-Russia, Anti-Palestine, pro-Israel, Zionist, Anti-Black Lives Matter (anti-BLM), anti-Stop Asian Hate, Pro-All Lives Matter (pro-ALM), pro-Blue Lives Matter, pro-Thin Blue Line

  • Politically aligned:
    Right-winger, Republican, pro-Trump, (neo-)Nazi

  • Anti-LGBTQIA+:
    Homophobic, Transphobic, Non-binary skeptic, Truscum, Transmed, believe you need gender dysphoria to identify as trans*, pro-"gendered brain", Panphobic, Biphobic, Pro-Gender Essentialism

  • Anti-inclusionism:
    Anti-xenogenders, Anti-neopronouns, Anti-nounself and emojiself pronouns, Anti-good faith or anti-contradictory identities, Anti-m-spec gays and lesbians, Anti-turigirls and Lesboys, Anti-He/him lesbians and She/her gays, Anti-Objectum, Anti-Endo, Anti-Tulpa, Anti-Non-Traumagenic systems/plurals, Anti-Radinclus,

  • Ableist:
    Demonize mental disorders like BPD, NPD, ASPD and schizo-spec disorders, anti-self diagnosis, demonize paraphiles, Pro-Fakeclaiming, Support AutismSpeaks

  • Miscellaneous:
    Pro-contact for harmful paraphilias, Pro-MAP, a singlet participating in syscourse, Participate in or care about Flag Discourse, Anti-recovery, Anti-reality checking, Participate in r/FakeDisorderCringe, r/truscum, EDtwt, SHtwt


I understand why some may be apprehensive on accepting some of these in this current social media climate, the most controversial being, at least from my point of view, multisexual (m-spec) gays and lesbians, endogenic, created, and non-disordered systems and plurals, objectum, and "contradictory" labels like lesboys and turigirls.I'm not going to bother to try and educate you, a random person reading a carrd you won't remember in five minutes after closing the tab, but I will leave you with this:Your cat doesn't care about endogenic systems. The aphid you saw on a tomato plant in your aunt's garden doesn't know what queer discourse is. The rarely seen and photographed Australian trumpet snail (Syrinx aruanus) won't ever know what objectum is.In a world so rife with grief and turmoil, why create artificial problems in spaces where we should support each other? You don't need to understand an identity to understand the person. Love and care for your fellow human. You don't know why someone identifies the way they do, and it will never, EVER be your business, unless that identity hurts themself or another, And no, a lesbian also identifying as a bisexual is not hurting someone. Love and care for each other, and work together to create a loving community, as the cells in your body work together to make you.

Image ID: A realistic artistic rendering of the Milky Way galaxy. Superimposed onto it is a white arrow, pointed approximately at our solar system, with white text on a black background that reads "You are here arguing over someone else's identity. End ID.

Open to re-educating yourself, or simply learning more? Check out the links below.

If you even click or tap one of these links, with the goal of re-educating yourself, thank you. Just your willingness to potentially accept others is groundbreaking.


Inspired by a few different carrds, such as the DNI listography (you know the one), and some other things, such as whimsy and joy.All images acquired from, specific sources can be found below.

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